Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity!

March 2, 2025. Run with Heart. Run with ADRA!

ADRA Japan is an official charity of Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity.

The Tokyo Marathon Foundation has now announced that the Tokyo Marathon 2025 will be held on March 2, 2025. 

With the slogan “Let’s Convert Your Love for Running into Someone’s Happiness”, it has a charity program called “RUN with HEART”, and ADRA Japan is one of the Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity recipients.

Donations and charity runner applications form will be opened from late June. Stay tuned!

Tokyo Marathon 2025 Official Website

Photos of Tokyo Marathon 2024

Who we are

ADRA is the global humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church—part of the 20-million strong Adventist community, with hundreds of thousands of churches globally and the world’s largest integrated healthcare and education network.

We deliver relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 107 countries—regardless of their ethnicity, political affiliation, gender, or religious association.

By partnering with local communities, organizations, and governments, we are able to deliver culturally relevant programs and build local capability for sustainable change.

Where we work

Our work touches millions of lives in more than 107 countries around the world. Our on-the-ground approach allows immediate assistance in times of crisis and true partnership with the communities we serve.

Usage of Donation

There are four pillars of activity.

In the “Emergency Assistance for Life” program, we deliver life-saving assistance such as water, food, and shelter to victims of conflicts and disasters, and also provide psychological care and lifestyle counseling to help them find hope for life.

Through the “Education Support to Open the Future” program, we aim to improve the quality of education by working with local communities to construct school buildings and provide equipment and teaching materials to improve the environment. We also increase the number of children who can attend school through awareness-raising activities and financial support such as livelihood enhancement and sponsorship. 

By the ”Income Generating Livelihoods” program, we support the creation of sustainable means of income in the local community, so that people are not forced to give up tomorrow’s food, essential medical care, and education due to lack of sufficient income.

In the “Health and Sanitation for Dignity” program, we work to ensure clean and safe water and a hygienic living environment, so that all people can lead a life of dignity. One of our activities is to convey life-saving knowledge through hygiene awareness and encourage people to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

In all of our activities, we place importance on being close to the person in front of us.

In the Tokyo Marathon 2024 Charity, charity runners from all over the world joined ADRA! We are looking forward to the worldwide participation again this year!

©Tokyo Marathon Foundation at Tokyo Marathon 2024 EXPO

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