The 4th interview: Carlos Yevara from Venezuela

ADRA’s previous support initiatives, as reported to participants of the Tokyo Marathon 2024 Charity, encompassed diverse projects. These included the construction of elementary school building in a Zimbabwean village, where children coexist with wildlife in an environment without electricity. Additionally, efforts extended to providing textbooks to students in this community and facilitating educational support programs for underprivileged children in Nepal, enabling their access to schooling.

In continuation of our commitment to charitable causes, we devised a support program for this year’s marathon and extended invitations to runners from across the globe, including Carlos Yevara, aged 44, who will be participating in the 42.195 km Tokyo Marathon for the 12th time, comming from Panama.

“I believe that the marathon embodies the pursuit of happiness in life. However, as we look around the world, we encounter individuals enduring food shortages, children grappling with the loss of parents, and communities unable to partake in festive celebrations like Christmas. These realities have never escaped my consciousness. My participation in this competition comes from a desire to contribute what I can, while running through the streets of Tokyo,” shared Evara.

Originally from Venezuela, Yevara currently works in the cosmetics industry, specializing in the development of cosmetics and shampoos.

He elaborated, “Having practiced karate for 14 years, earning a black belt since the age of 8, I embarked on a journey that led me to pursue an MBA in Panama after college and work for a Chilean company. However, I found myself grappling with monotony in my daily life. It was then that a friend suggested I try running a marathon, promising it would be life-changing. At 34 years old, I began with 1 km and gradually increased my distance, encountering profound pain and challenges along the way.

“Running is a very challenging activity, a relentless battle against oneself. Yet, the joy of completing a 42.195 km run is indescribable. As my friend predicted, it proved to be a transformative and profoundly enriching experience, marked by a sense of triumph over adversity. This happiness is infectious, evoking gratitude towards those around you from the depths of your being. I fervently believe in spreading this kind of happiness across the globe.”

Yevara, known for his boundless optimism, has resided in various placess across Venezuela, Chile, and Panama. Today, he remains steadfast in his commitment to aiding those deemed vulnerable, channeling his efforts into today’s practice with unwavering determination. read in Japanese

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