The 3rd interview: Marisol Escoto from Mexico

“I was really looking forward to coming to Japan! Ramen is very popular in my home country, Mexico,” said Marisol Escoto with a warm smile.

Ms. Escoto also traveled to Japan to participate in the Tokyo Marathon 2024 as a charity runner, driven by her profound interest in Japanese food and culture.

“EL UNIVERSAL,” a newspaper established in 1916 in Mexico City, where she resides, featured a black ramen developed by a popular local restaurant on June 10, 2022. Cup ramen also enjoys high demand, with “Maruchan” being a widely accepted brand among Mexicans. Interestingly, any cup ramen, regardless of the brand, is commonly referred to as “Maruchan” in Mexico.

Ms. Escoto also expressed her eagerness for recommendations on Japanese restaurants in Mexico City, welcoming any suggestions.

Escoto’s journey into marathon running began during her junior high school years.

“I decided to start by running 1 km around my house. I wasn’t aiming to enter races or win; I simply wanted to challenge myself. Initially, I doubted my ability to run 5 km. I thought, ‘If I pushed myself that hard, I might have a heart attack.’ However, as I continued to run, I discovered my optimal pace and learned to run in a healthy manner. Along the way, I experienced the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a run, as well as the value of hard work. My attraction to marathons grew stronger,” she reflected. Escoto now covers 16 to 18 km daily from Monday to Friday and 25 to 26 km on Saturdays.

“However, I don’t believe success in itself is paramount. What truly matters is how we, as human beings, use our resources. If someone accumulates wealth, they should share it and extend a helping hand to those in need. Recently, Mexico City has been grappling with severe air pollution issues, but it’s imperative to address various global challenges and contribute what we can as individuals. That’s why I resonate with ADRA Japan’s support initiatives,” she emphasized.

Following the completion of the Tokyo Marathon 2024, Escoto remains committed to running with purpose.

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